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Today's highlight is Harcourt Hemp

NATURE OF BUSINESS • Growing of fibre crops • Post-harvest crop activities • Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment • Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating

THE VISION Harcourt Hemp’s ambitious vision will be to control every aspect of the hemp supply chain, through four key subsidiaries:

• Harcourt Farming will engage British farmers to grow hemp.

• Harcourt Decortication will process raw straw into shiv, dust, and fiber, feeding various industries with raw material for numerous products.

• Harcourt Insulation will produce net-negative eco-alternatives to construction insulation and cold-chain packaging insulation.

• Harcourt Textiles will produce a low-impact alternative to cotton to supply textile manufacturers.

Today's highlight is The Sussex Council Of Training Providers

The Sussex Council of Training Providers is a community of training providers that offers apprenticeships, work-based learning or pre-employment training in Sussex.

They also welcome Associate Members who provide relevant commercial services, Partner Members who provide strategic insight or non-commercial services and Consultant Members who provide strategic consultancy services to the FE and skills sector.

Today's highlight is a children's story book by author Alex Windows called "Very Tired Wolf"

A very tired wolf wondered why can’t I sleep? Will wolf ever find a way to get to sleep? With the help of Betty the sheep, he just might find a way But not before Betty has taught him a lesson or two... This rhyming story, of a tired and hungry Wolf and Betty, a very clever sheep, is a must-have for bedtime. Wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated and funny, its sure to become a favourite with both children and parents. BUY HERE>>>>>

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