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In recent years, I have seen a pattern with new and existing clients asking if I offer website design, hosting and SEO solutions. Most of the time they already have a website but are tied into web developers that charge vast amounts of money for small copy or image changes. The lack of being able to make changes for themselves, or response time taking too long, is very frustrating.

Sound familiar?

This is where I can help...

I use Wix to create your website. There are no hidden charges, its all online for you to see. All I charge for is my design fee.
I first ask you to create a Wix login (which takes 2 minutes), I then custom build your website from a chosen template. 
Wix is completly accessible online and during the entire build process you can login anytime and see my work in progress. Another plus with using Wix is its user-friendliness.
If you can use Microsoft Word/Powerpoint, you will be just fine.

Before offering my website design, hosting and SEO service, and after months of research on the best practises and results, I road tested my very own website that you are reading right now!

Since then, I have designed, built and hosted several websites, and my clients have had great feedback from their users. We have seen great search engine results and they love the simplicity of being able to make quick and easy amendments.

Click on an image to take you to their websites and see for yourself.

The BEauty Place Hove Website
Hamiltons Construction Website
Lucy Cooper Prints Website
Design By Ginny Baxter Website
LS Productions UK Ltd Website
Jules & Ginny Website
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