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Today's highlight is TIA Magazine. The International Agent Magazine or TIA as it is more popularly know, is an essential monthly guide for anything relating to international property. With a market no longer limited to country, creed, culture or currency, it is essential that there is a means for relationship building that bridges the gaps and combines diversity with business intelligence. TIA’s soul mandate is to fill this gap by providing valuable service and information. Whether you are in the exciting industry of property development, an established investment company looking to increase your portfolio, an agent working the middle man, or an IFA aiding in mortgage and exchange finance - This publication has something for you. TIA offers its clients access to a niche market of overseas investment companies, property agents and IFA’s based in the UK, thereby giving them the opportunity to promote their services and products to the people who really matter. TIA aims to provide informed, industry related news to international property professionals. With a monthly circulation of 4500 individuals and companies that have distinguished themselves as innovators and leaders in the fi eld, TIA offers its advertisers unrivalled access to a distinguished readership.


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