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6ft 6sec is what Daniel Satchell considers to be the most consistent forecast in Brighton for a decent surf. This of course depends heavily on what the wind is doing that day along with the swell direction. Daniel's local break is the open beach beside Brighton's famous Palace Pier. It's not for the faint hearted and should never be underestimated. Many folk have ended up under the pier tangled up in the metal supports or have been pinned to the shingle beach by the heavy beach break. You need to be fit to keep your position in the water against the unforgiving South Westerly wind and swell direction. It will only work for a few hours between tides so you make your excuses and get in! Daniel has also shared some footage from the surrounding areas that he also loves to surf. Brighton has a great surf community - here's to all of us that play the waiting game. The movie premiere of 6ft 6sec was in May 2018 on Brighton seafront as part of Rockup outdoor cinema night hosted by Tribal Wave. It was shown at Rock up on a repeat performance on 1st September 2018. I have also submitted 6ft 6sec to the "Shorties" section of The London Surf Film Festival on 1st September 2018 and hope to see it featured in the main line-up in October at Regent Street Cinema in London.

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